We were promised a sequel to Clicker Heroes and it’s finally here. Just as promised, Clicker Heroes 2 is not going to be free to play. The developers had been clear about their intentions for Clicker Heroes 2 ever since it was first shown off to the public. They weren’t interested in making a game that would be held back by micro-transactions and the only way to do so, while still making profit would be to sell the game for a flat price.

The game is currently available for early access on steam with a price tag of $30. Regional prices have been set accordingly. Players from India for example, will only have to pay ₹ 699 (~$10) instead of the the full price. You can also purchase the game directly from the Clicker Heroes 2 website.

Stay tuned because we’ll be covering the game in great detail over here at Idle Games. We’re especially looking forward to the Automator and the “Massive” skill tree that’s being mentioned on their Steam page.

But seriously. $30 for a clicker game?

The download size for Clicker Heroes 2 is just under 2 GB. In comparison, the original game is only 75 MB. Now of course the original game didn’t really have high definition graphics, or a soundtrack that’s anywhere as good as this. Clicker Heroes 2 is only out for Windows and Mac. There are no plans to release a mobile version of the game, this might change in the future.

When developers no longer have to depend on micro-transactions and advertisements, they no longer have to design the game around those bonuses. There’s no incentive to make a wall unbreakable just to milk some spare change out of a player. The game is as clean and honest as an idle game can be. It’s beautiful. Has great music and we are NOT being paid to say this.

Clicker Heroes 2 is the first idle game to take itself seriously with a $30 price tag. It’s trying to break out of the free to play model by promising replay value. For now though, let us dive into the game and actually check it out for ourselves, leave a comment and we’ll gladly let you know as soon as we’re done with our thorough review!