Cat Tower – Idle RPG is yet another unique Idle game. The game is very similar to Nonstop Knight as far as gameplay is concerned. You don’t have to actively take part in the game unless you wish to use skills to help you through the battles. The game is developed by 111%, the guys behind the BBTAN games.

Your character is a cat traveling through a tower and going up one floor at a time, if you’re looking to relieve some stress then go ahead and download this game. It’s available on both Android and iOS, it’s free to play and the micro-transactions don’t seem too heavy at all.

The game itself uses pixel art for most of the level-design and characters. It’s definitely become a trend where developers are leaning towards pixel art for a lot of modern games, we wonder how designers from the 90s would react to pixel-art still being popular in the late 2010s.

Daily rewards, some rewards for achievements and a constant stream of advertisements to watch in case you want to. The game does have microtransactions but from the looks of it, it’s not as bad as EA’s microtransactions so your wallet will be fine.

We’re definitely looking forward to 111%’s next few games and do hope they experiement with more idle titles in the future.