Published by Kongregate, Bit Heroes is a special butterfly as far as mobile RPG games go. The game started as a browser game to be played on Kongregate’s and was later ported to mobile devices due to its success. The game is expected to get a stand-alone release on Steam to minimise its dependence on Flash for players who prefer playing it from them computers.

The game uses simple pixel art for all of its characters and environments, new content is added on a regular basis and as far as game balance and progression is concerned, we would recommend Bit Heroes to anyone who’s a fan of RPG games. If you’ve played titles like Summoners War then you’ll definitely be interested in this one.

Bit Heroes is not an idle clicker, you will not be earning millions and billions of a currency. What you will be doing is progressing through the game on a regular basis. The game uses an energy system similar to that of Summoners War, meaning that you regenerate energy over time and are unable to play when you run out.

The game has a friendly community as well as a guild system, your guild-mates and friends can help you out with your dungeons allowing you to do higher difficulty runs which have higher drop-rates. Bit Heroes also has a pet system where the monsters you fight can be captured and used for PvP and Gauntlet runs.

Energy is not the only currency you use to play the game, the game features PvP tickets, Guild Battle tokens, Gauntlet Tokens as well as Raid Shards. All of these are used for progression and have their own individual refresh timers.