Birdstopia is a beautiful, immersive and charming idle game. The game is designed to give a calming experience, there are no monsters to slay and no enemies to worry about. Birdstopia is an idle bird clicker and couldn’t have been more true to its name.

This idle game starts off with a soft tutorial to guide you through the basics of the game, it’s easy to learn and you won’t really be competeing with others for a spot on the daily ranking, the game’s only purpose is to provide a calm experience.

When we talk about idle games, what we really need is a game to help us forget about our every day problems, Birdstopia is the perfect game for that since there’s no rush to do things optimally, you can progress at your own pace and work towards having as many birds as you wish in your habitats.

On the other hand, Birdstopia uses fairly simple idle game mechanics disguised in some of the most beautiful art we have ever seen. The sounds and music of Birdstopia are just as good as its graphic design.

Microtransactions don’t seem to be completely necessary in order to enjoy the game and the game provides bonuses for watching advertisements, you can watch ads every now and then for in-game diamonds, currency or other bonuses. It really is a game worth trying if you’re ever interested in a calm, effortless idle clicker.

Perhaps the most interesting part about the game is the way progression works, habitats and gathering up different birds, making sure that birds of all shapes and sizes are welcome in your game. The costs don’t scale up as hard as one would imagine for an incremental game, leading to an idle game with zero stress.