Need another simple yet fun and addicting puzzle game? Then Balls Bricks Breaker 2 is the game for you. As the name says. There are balls, there are bricks and a lot of breaking. It reminds me of the very famous Puzzle Bobble, the basic concept is similar but the game overall is a lot different. Probably more of a mixture of that and the old brick breaker games.

You’ll find a lot of clones for this game on the app store but we’ll be honest. We couldn’t find anything better than this. If you know of one though, do tell!

The Basics

When the game starts, you have a white ball at the bottom and the bricks, each with a number written on it, at the top of the screen. The number on each brick represents the number of times it needs to be hit with a ball before it breaks. Every level starts with 50 balls. Like Puzzle Bobble, you set a direction for the balls by swiping your finger across the screen with the angle you want the balls to follow. As soon as you take your finger off the screen the balls launch one by one bouncing off the walls and the bricks and almost everywhere before returning to the bottom of the screen and completing the turn.

With the end of your turn, the bricks move a step down and thus the basic objective of the game is to end the bricks before they reach the bottom. As you proceed through levels, the number of rows remaining at the top and the number on the bricks, keeps increasing. There are a number of power-ups in the game that help you, like circled balls, each giving you an extra ball for the remaining turns on that level, or square blocks that damage the whole row or column or both of bricks with every hit they take from a ball.

Past the tutorial

In terms of the graphics and colours, the game looks like an updated version of a 1998 DOS based game but its very fast and lag free and the rapidly changing colours of the bricks with every hit make it good really good looking. The game doesn’t have background music, the only sound in the game are of the launching and bouncing of the balls which certainly can be pretty satisfying at times.

The game does however, show random ads from time to time, like every four levels or so, and there is also the feature of watching an ad to get another chance if you’ve failed a level. Overall the game is pretty addicting, it’s not that tough either, so the player rarely gets frustrated and the game