Armory & Machine is an idle game with an engaging story, something that’s really rare in the genre, but that’s far from the only reason we loved it. The game picks up many elements from other incremental titles but dresses them up in its own unique design. And, from all that we were able to gather, Daybreak Industries does have an eventual sequel planned for this amazing title.

All of our screenshots are taken with the game running in “dark mode”. You can toggle dark mode through the settings menu in the research tab.

The game’s app store featuring next to no description for the actual game, screenshots with barely any information? We just had to try it out. One of the many titles that we recommend all idle lovers to play at least one in their lifetime. The game is pretty straightforward but it’s equally as unique.

Armory & Machine starts you off with absolutely no information. For anyone who’s not familiar with clicker games, this one can be quite confusing. All the confusion quickly turns into curiosity as soon as you unlock the first few log entries.

The glow from the machine is the only light under the starless, blackest sky.

Hmm? What could this possibly mean? The game has a unique method of storytelling, it’s entirely based on text and apart from the tiny icons and the game’s logo itself, there’s next to no graphics. We don’t think there’s a single game that softer on the eyes than Armory & Machine.

Some of the ice begins to melt. Distant rustling is heard.

The Story

As you progress through the game and unlock different features, you keep unlocking different log entries. But that doesn’t mean the game is free from all criticism though! Combat does get tedious as you go past the first few zones. Sacrificing workers in order to repair automation is more annoying than it is beneficial, but all of these things can be ignored.

More heat, more light. The scorched ground is bathed in a soft red glow.