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Almost a Hero comes with different currencies and more often than not we have new players asking a simple question, “How to spend your gems?”

But those aren’t all of the questions people ask. Whether it’s about spending your mythstones, scraps or even tokens. We’ve gathered up advice from all of the sources we could find and put it together right here for you to read through.

How to spend your gems in Almost a Hero

Progression through the game will reward you with gems every now and then. These gems are spent on various items in game and even though all of these will help you with going further. Some are better choices than others. It’s advised to save up all the gems you get and only spend them on artifact slots. There’s a limit of to the maximum number of artifacts you can have and it’s only 35, the sooner you get to it – the faster you can work on optimising your artifacts. You will need around 3.5k gems to unlock all 30 artifact slots.

You should always be unlocking artifact slots with your gems, get all 40!

For the first 750 stages, here are the milestone rewards for earning gems.

  • 100 Gems – Stage 25
  • 150 Gems – Stage 50
  • 250 Gems – Stage 210
  • 300 Gems – Stage 365
  • 400 Gems – Stage 500
  • 400 Gems – Stage 695
  • 500 Gems – Stage 740

These add up to 2100 gems from just progression. Achievements and challenges are enough to provide you with the rest and if you’re still short of a few hundred gems then there’s no need to worry. Most of the achievements are progression based and the final goal for each of them gives 500 gems. But why exactly are we spending all of our gems on artifact slots? Progression.

Artifacts can be bought with mythstones which you can earn without a lot of hurdles. Artifact slots on the other hand are purchased by gems. As long as your time isn’t a limiting factor, you can earn all the mythstones you want. The number of artifacts you have will be what holds you back at the end of the day. Which is why it is advised to unlock all the artifact slots as soon as possible. Once you have all the artifact slots, feel free to look towards the rare and epic chests. Remember though, the rare chests will give you a flat amount of scraps and tokens where as the epic chest will only give you scrap for duplicate equipment.

How to spend your mythstones in Almost a Hero

Just like any other idle game, you can prestige to start over from stage 1, this will earn you a currency. In Almost A Hero, that currency is mythstones. Mythstones are used to purchase artifacts and reroll them. Mythical artifacts can also be purchased by mythstones but they’re not going to be unlocked any time soon.

Mythstones can be earned in three ways.

  1. Prestige – Resetting your progress and starting fresh, earning mythstones based on the stage you are currently on.
  2. Bosses – Every so often bosses will drop mythstones when killed.
  3. Progression rewards – For completing challenges and reaching stage milestones.

Starting from your very first artifact, myhstones should always be spent on getting as many unique bonuses on your artifacts as possible, and rerolling the bad ones.

There are times when rerolling an artifact isn’t recommended. For example if you happen to get one of the following unique bonuses, it is often suggested to keep the artifact.

  • +Mythstones from Epic Boss
  • Free Chest Cooldown
  • Free Chest Item Count
  • Free Chest Currency Reward
  • Skip Wave Chance
  • Prestige Reward
  • Time Warp Item Limit
  • Time Warp Item Speed
  • Auto Tap Item Limit
  • Auto Tap Duration

These are the bonuses you should keep an eye out for. There is no reason to hold on to all of your mythstones. Just spend them to try and get the best bonuses possible. Ever since the alchemist update it’s pretty much impossible to “lose” progress by accidentally rolling the wrong artifact. So feel free!

Here are the milestone rewards where you get mythstones for the first 750 stages.

  • 300 Mythstones – Stage 115
  • 500 Mythstones – Stage 160
  • 5,000 Mythstones – Stage 225
  • 20,000 Mythstones – Stage 330
  • 200,000 Mythstones – Stage 430
  • 1,000,000 Mythstones – Stage 510
  • 5,000,000 Mythstones – Stage 620
  • 50,000,000 Mythstones – Stage 705

Purchase your first mythical artifact as soon as you can afford it. Mythical Artifacts are really weak at first but they start showing their true strength once you invest into them. Ring Strat with an auto transmuter artifact is insanely powerful.

Read our guide on optimizing Artifacts for more insight

How to spend your scrap in Almost a Hero

Scrap on the other hand is a rare currency to come by. Yet it’s one that will hold you back significantly during your early levels. Over time the bonuses you get from your hero equipment will become insignificant but remember that upgrading equipment does provide you with other bonuses (passive skill levels).

We recommend that you pick a damage dealer and invest all of your scrap on getting that hero to at least a five star. After your main hero is at five stars, feel free to look towards other heroes to level up. You will mostly be limited by whether or not your main damage dealer is able to one shot enemies and their ability to survive the various stages. Your limitting factors are going to be the damage and health multipliers as well as the total gold you earn. Here’s the scrap you’ll get as milestone rewards in the somewhat “early” game.

  • 75 Scraps – Stage 65
  • 150 Scraps – Stage 195
  • 200 Scraps – Stage 275
  • 200 Scraps – Stage 375
  • 250 Scraps – Stage 450
  • 500 Scraps – Stage 560
You should be spending all of your scraps on a single hero – to maximize progression

Having more gold and heroes costing less to upgrade are two different factors which come together to ensure that your heroes are at a higher level than the stage requires them to be, making time warps absurdly efficicent, allowing you to speed through most of the stages after a prestige.

How to spend your tokens in Almost a Hero

Tokens on the other hand are used for your active powers, skills such as Time Warp and Auto Tapping. It is not recommended to spend your tokens until you have artifacts which amplify the effect of these skills. Tokens can be collected through the occasional free chest you earn, through progression milestones as well as through time challenge rewards. Tokens can also be used on special powers during time challenges.

Progression through the normal game mode doesn’t have a time limit on it. Tokens should only be used in order to reach a milestone unless you’re banking on a large count of tokens and just wish to power farm for Mythstones. Time Challenges on the other hand can get quite frustrating. Don’t be shy of spending a few tokens in order to get a much higher reward in return. Finishing a time challenge doesn’t only give you the reward advertised. Doing so also unlocks the next time challenge which will often times be much easier than the one you’re struggling with.

You never get a ton of tokens so be sure to spend them wisely.

Combined with fast enemy spawn rate, a single Time Warp can speed you through a couple hundred stages without any problems.


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