Almost A Hero is an addicting, RPG based idle game developed Bee Square Games. It’s RPG clicker game which at first requires tapping in order to kill enemies, especially the bosses, you can choose heroes of your choice which can attack automatically, the heroes have various skills and the game has a lot of depth behind the scenes, screenshots of which can be found down below.

The game starts you off with the ring and as you tap it gets charged, fully charging it will generate powerful thunderbolt doing additional to aid you in taking down the enemies. The graphics are beautiful and flow fluidly but some older devices might have problems running the game as smoothly.

The game’s progression works similar to many other idle games where after dealing with a number of weaker enemies you’re faced with a giant boss every now and then. As far as saving progression goes you can save your progress online and coming back to the game after deleting it means you can still start off from where you left off.

The game’s sound effects are well done, challenges can be unlocked if you’re getting bored of the default adventure mode but remember to spend your earned gems wisely as they’re needed to unlock new artifact slots as well as other goodies. The game can be played fine in offline mode.


Visit Google Play Store to download Almost A Hero free on your Android phones. It is also available at Apple Play Store for iPhones, iPad, and iPod. Get it free of cost and enjoy it thoroughly by your quick taps.