Almost A Hero developers don’t seem to have any chill as we get the Mine Update. It looks like we keep getting new content added to the game while some other idle titles keep getting ignored by their developers. The update focuses on adding another way for players to progress through the game.

The Mine Update

This update solves a very interesting problem that veteran players had, there was no reliable method to obtain scrap or tokens outside of milestone rewards. The reason we find this interesting is because most games don’t really like handing out free goodies, but it seems like this update focuses entirely on making the life of more loyal players, easier.

Side Quests

These unlock when you reach stage 235, they’re fairly simple tasks which you can complete to obtain Aeon.


As if four currencies weren’t enough (we’re not complaining!), the Mine update adds another one. Aeon can be used to obtain Trinket boxes, it can also be used to upgrade mines which are unlocked later into the game.

The developers have stated however, that they plan to use this currency for a future game mode “Rifts”, feel free to speculate on what that might be.


These are the reason this update is named the “Mine Update”, there are two mines for you to unlock and both of them generate their respective resources, Scrap and Token.

They are put on a timer every time you collect them. The timer was initially 24 hours but later changed to 21 hours, purely to make it more user-friendly, avoiding the unavoidable crawl towards your bedtime.

Mines are upgraded with Aeon and unlock upon reaching a certain stage.

Scrap Mine

The Scrap Mine is unlocked when you reach stage 246. This mine generates scrap and as a bonus to your progression it also acts as a multiplier for your total gold income.

Token Mine

The Token Mine is unlocked when you reach stage 395. This mine generates scrap and as a bonus to your progression it also acts as a multiplier for your total gold income.

By the way, you can upgrade a mine before collecting anything, you’ll earn the upgraded amount of loot!

Mythical Artifact Changes

Added new maximum levels for Mythical Artifacts:

  • Auto Transmuter +20
  • DPS Matter +20
  • Life Boat +20
  • Custom Tailor +10
  • Broken Teleporter +10
  • Goblin Lure +20

There was a huge change to Goblin Lure making the maximum bonus 400% (even after upgrading through the 20 new levels).

You can check their reddit post over here for a full list of the patch notes, along with all the quality of life changes. Fingers crossed for the next game mode they just teased us with!