It does indeed seem like the dev team behind Almost A Hero is only interested in making new content. This time they’ve hit us with a cosmetic update featuring outfits for all of your heroes. But that’s not everything the outfit update has to offer. There were three new mythical artifacts added to the game along with a bunch of different Quality of Life changes. Everyone loves some good old QoL updates.

Almost A Hero: Outfit Update

Purely cosmetic in nature, the outfits add an additional layer of icing on top of the splendid cake that Almost A Hero is. Compared to some other titles on the list of games we follow, Almost A Hero has managed to push out multiple updates while the others barely even got one in. We’ll leave our praise on pause for another day though and focus on the update at hand.

The outfits are purely cosmetic in nature and were added partly due to player-feedback and also as a micro-transaction that doesn’t make the game pay-to-win in any way. Since they don’t give any stats or bonuses when equipped, they can be completely ignored if you wish. For all intents and purposes, purchasing them is just a nice way of saying thanks to the developers.


The update also features additional late game content for players who feel like they’ve hit the wall.  Whether it be more mythical artifacts, additional levels for your mines or just QoL changes to ensure that players don’t get annoyed to no end with the game over time.

Mythical Artifacts

There are a total of three new mythical artifacts, they are:

  • Bodily Harm: Enemies take % more damage from heroes
  • Champion’s Bounty: Every % health an enemy loses from hero damage increases the gold they drop
  • Corpus Imperium: Multiplies bonus of all artifact health effects

Reaching new stages shouldn’t be an issue to you after these. Five more levels have been added to the mines for you to spend your Aeon on. The complete patch notes can be found over here, you can also go through the complete list of changes and QoL fixes over there.