A standard idle game, arguably the world’s greatest capitalism simulator, the game is well known across the world of the internet as it’s available on pretty much any device, even playable on browsers, the game lets you create your own empire and restart from scratch with quite a few bonuses, you’ll start with nothing and go through billions, trillions and ultimately reach words for numbers so large that you’ll begin to question if they’re even right.

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AdVenture Capitalist is available on both Android, iOS as well as on Steam

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Though the name may sound a bit serious, it’s actually a fun game. To start with, you will be given a soda stand and you will start your earning by clicking on the tab. After a short while (not even a minute) you will earn your first dollar and then repeat. You can purchase upgrade your soda stands and gradually increase your business, invest in a shop, with an option to hire business managers and employees to automatically click on business buttons for you.

Restarting the game will give you investors depending on how much money you’ve already earned, they will help you boost your profits for your fresh new run, “ending” the game means you unlock all the upgrades for a planet.

This game is pretty and is far better than some of the other incremental business games out there, as far as clicker games go, AdVenture Capitalist is one of the best ones out there to play, the only sad thing about this game is the fact that it’s no longer being updated.

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As old and unique this game may be, it’s still lacking quite a lot of features, it’s still easily playable and can be finished within a couple of weeks if you desire to do so.