A Girl Adrift is a fun, RPG clicker game developed by Daerisoft. It begins with the story of a survivor as the world around her is submerged in water. As a game it’s pretty unique and does well on combining RPG and idle elements to give you an immersive experience.

The game starts off with a tutorial which can be disabled in the options menu but we suggest going through with it as the game uses a lot of concepts not found in most idle games.

The game is similar to Tap Titans 2 in the way that you have to tap in order to deal with monsters, as far as the idle side is concerned, over time you will be unlocking various abilities which will help you fully automate the farming. It might be a bit tedious at the start but then again, which idle game isn’t tedious to start nowadays?

The game features offline access however some features will be disabled and its understandable why that would be the case, it features beautiful music and sound effects, the neglect mode allows you to avoid burn-in on newer smartphone screens. Unveil new levels and know about various fishes by accompanying this drifting girl.

Reaching rank 5 will enable the chat option allowing you to communicate with other players and ask questions if you have any. The graphics used are creative, unique and you can visit Google’s Play Store or the Apple’s iTunes Store to download a girl adrift completely free of charge.