It’s been a year since we started working on guides and walkthroughs here at Idle Games and unfortunately, there’s just not enough space in the primary menu to keep adding the content we’re currently working on. We’re hoping to add some content for Swarm Simulator & Grow Castle in the coming future. While covering more active titles such as Summoners War and Bit Heroes is something we haven’t forgotten about.

After all, we do have an Active Games category that’s pretty barren right now.

A Dedicated Guides and Walkthroughs Page

From now on all our guides and walkthroughs will be found on the dedicated Idle Game Guides page. Smartphones users are our primary reason behind this decision. As of March 2018, over 60% of our users are on smartphones, around 5% on tablets while the rest use desktops. So even though our desktop users might hate loading an extra page just to get to the guides they needed. We’re doing this to make the lives of our mobile users easier so they can land directly on our guides page.

Cheat Engine

We will be covering the use of Cheat Engine and similar pieces of software, while we do believe that cheating is something that shouldn’t be allowed in multiplayer titles and competitions – we don’t believe that’s the case for single player experiences at all. Similarly though, developers have the right to make their game safe from memory editing software, and no one will judge you for doing so.

If you’re a developer who’s interested in us writing more about your game, feel free to contact us. And if you’re one of our readers, we’d just like to say thank you.